Personalized Baby Gift

Personalized Baby Gift


Welcoming a brand new baby into the world is a momentous occasion, and it is one that deserves a great deal of celebration and there is nothing better than a personalized baby gift. While traditional gifts of diapers and baby clothing are always appreciated, it is also nice to splurge on something that will be treasured for years to come. The sky is the limit when it comes to baby gifts, but when you want something that is truly unique and not likely to be duplicated, there is nothing that beats a customized MySubwaySign.

What my Baby sign means to me - Lori, New Jersey

Subway signs are pieces of typographical artwork that are based on vintage signs seen hanging in the subway stations in major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia and New York City. These unique pieces of art feature designs that are based on the signs both of yesterday and today. They are fully customizable and come in many colors and a choice of three sizes. MySubwaySign are professionally designed to be aesthetically pleasing and completely unique.

Customized Baby Gift

A subway sign makes the best baby gift because it is a simple and elegant way to commemorate a special event. The sign you design can display any information you would like. If you are giving it as a gift at a baby shower, you can customize is with the baby-to-be’s name or a special quote. If the baby has already been born, a sign customized with the baby’s name, date of birth, birth location and height and weight at the time of birth will preserve precious memories and look stunning hanging on a wall in the nursery or any other room of the home.

“A pleasure to work with the Subway Sign staff.” – Sue, New Hampshire 

MySubwaySigns are sophisticated pieces of art. Their simple design means they fit well into virtually any décor, and because they are fully customizable, it is easy to create one that will appeal to any gift recipient. MySubwaySigns are printed on high-quality paper stock. Our design professionals will create a gift that will be treasured and prominently displayed. And your sign will be professionally framed so that it arrives ready for gift giving.

The Best Baby Gift

MySubwaySigns are simple yet sophisticated, and they complement the décor in any room making them one of the best baby gifts. Whether you want a small, simple sign with just a little information or a large sign that displays every detail relating the new child entering the world, a MySubwaySign is a tasteful option that will be treasured for years to come.

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