About Us


About us imageWe are Kathy Cochet and Anne Flynn: friends, business partners, and founders of Nine and MySubwaySign. We spent our early years in finance and retail management, and our years as young moms following design trends and dreaming of one day owning a business together.

MySubwaySign was an idea we designed for NINE, the pop-up retail business we founded in 2009.  NINE was named for the 9 members of our two families, the beach where we spent our summers together, and the year 2009.

MySubwaySign combines our love of family and design; we found a stylish and modern way to celebrate and display the events and memories that have shaped our lives. And we do the same for you! Since we began our business, we have been honored to create thousands of signs celebrating the routes your lives have taken and the stops you’ve made along the way.

We have been inspired by your stories and hope you will continue this journey with us!


Kathy and Anne


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